• 150 years of painstaking research

    • 1605 Marshal d’Estrées donates a manuscript containing the recipe for an “elixir of long life” to the Vauvert Chartreuse monastery in Paris.
    • 1736 Marshal d’Estrée’s manuscript entrusted to the Grande Chartreuse monastery.
    • 1764 Brother Antoine, working in the Grande Chartreuse’s apothecary, creates a health tonic that will later become Green Chartreuse.


  • Chartreuse around the world

    United States Green Chartreuse arrived in North America in 1897, where it was immediately embraced by cocktail lovers. Between 1920 and 1933, despite the strictures of prohibition, the art of cocktail making continued to develop in clandestine bars. Chartreuse was a favourite ingredient.


  • Chartreuse, synonymous with sharing

    Whether it is drunk in a cocktail, at the end of a meal or at a party, Chartreuse is always about sharing. No surprise, therefore, that it sponsors festivities such as Santa Tecla, or festivals such as the Les Arcs European Film Festival, Autrans Adventure Film Festival, the Derby de la Meije, Musilac and the Berlioz Festival…


  • A colour, aromas and flavours that inspire creative minds.

    The universe Green Chartreuse inspires has no limits. Its secrets have been unlocked and magnified both by chefs and barmen, the great names of the culinary world. Sweet, powerful, glowing, Chartreuse can be mixed and matched in a thousand ways.