Chartreuse, synonymous with sharing

Whether it is drunk in a cocktail, at the end of a meal or at a party, Chartreuse is always about sharing. No surprise, therefore, that it sponsors festivities such as Santa Tecla, or festivals such as the Les Arcs European Film Festival, Autrans Adventure Film Festival, the Derby de la Meije, Musilac and the Berlioz Festival. Luxurious, perfect for awakening affinities, it promotes sharing, kindling the desire to swap anecdotes and enjoy a wonderful evening with friends old and new. Some people are passionate about Chartreuse and have formed appreciation societies such as the Club des Fous de Chartreuse. For others, their enthusiasm is first aroused at hotel school, never to fade. In fact, Chartreuse is the favourite drink of many bar staff who often get together when the shutters come down to savour a glass together.

15 years of the Club des Fous de Chartreuse

Founded in 1999 by Philippe Beaudet, the Club des Fous de Chartreuse is celebrating its fifteenth birthday. This group of Chartreuse fanatics meets regularly to taste different Chartreuses aged in their cellar in Paris’ Rue des Archives. The Club des Fous de Chartreuse celebrated its tenth anniversary by travelling to Voiron, where a surprise was waiting for them – an Episcopalian vintage made specially for the occasion.

The official drink of the Santa Tecla Festival

The festival celebrates Catalonian folklore, as acrobats, animated monsters, giants, bands and fireworks take over the streets of Tarragona for ten days. Chartreuse is an integral part of the festivities. Tarragona pays homage to the Carthusian monks who ran a distillery here from 1903 to 1989. This tribute is personified in the Festival’s official cocktail, the “Beguda de les festes”: 1 part Green Chartreuse, 2 parts Yellow Chartreuse and 7 parts lemon granita. Every year, limited edition bottles of Green and Yellow Chartreuse are created for the festival.